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I’m relatively proud of this one. Used palette 44.

Kagepro is not all I do. But surely is what I do most…

Palette 41 with Seto!! doens’t even look like Seto, but…

Kagepro is not all I can do.

Used palette 68 from that palette thing on this one. I’m trying to learn how to use the tablet and those palettes are great.

You know what I just discovered?

That I can’t make backgrounds (╥_╥)


After two failed attempts, I finally got a tablet that works, and on Kagepro day (technically august14 but i spent the whole day learning how to use it) and I decided to make a simple sketch to Azami`s birthday(aka the day we die) untill i learn to make proper backgorunds and linearts.

I don’t know, Ayano in the winter uniform is kinda of suspicious for me.

don’t ask me why it’s inclined i don’t know either

I’m trying to decide if I should or not edit the traditional art on Photoshop….

"I don’t have interest in a world where they’re gone."

I always wondered the meaning behind the hexagons that appears when Mary garther all the snakes together.So I thought that, maybe, it was a representation to the past timelines.